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I just installed the Aptana Studio 3 plugin on my installation of Eclipse Juno, and it seems to work great.
The first time I enter the 'Web' perspective, it asks me to install its custom firebug build and the Aptana studio debug plugin, which are all fine and dandy...
until I right-click somewhere and BAM! Context menu in Firefox fills up the screen (vertically). This would completely ruin my everyday browsing experience. I'm picky about these things, and I'm talking going from 10 entries to almost 75. Bleh! If I'll use them all while debugging something, fine, but I don't want all my debugging stuff sitting there while I'm just trying to check my email.
No problem! I'll uninstall them and get a portable install of Firefox running, set Eclipse to use that install when running things, and install the plugins there. Get the portable Firefox install great. Put it somewhere easy-to-find, awesome. I set Eclipse's Window->Preferences->General->Web Browser to use this install, Apply, Ok. Great!
But... it's still trying to launch my other install of Firefox. ("Please close down to complete installation" or whatever. I know the portable one isn't running.) Different path, different filename, everything.
I just cannot get it to launch to the right browser.

I've tried restarting eclipse, closing Firefox , both internal/external web browser options on the we browser page, and even rebooting the whole computer. There are no other references to Firefox in the Eclipse settings that I can find.

... Help?

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Apparently that particular setting only affects browsing in the integrated browser, not running and debugging web applications.
The setting that needs to be modified for running/debugging is in the run/debug configurations. Why that doesn't by default automatically use the default browser set in the preferences page is beyond me.

In order to get Eclipse/Aptana to open the correct browser when debugging and running web applications, do this:
In the Project Manager, r-click on the project and go to Run As -> Run Configurations... and under 'Web Browser' in the left pane, either edit the default one or add a new run configuration. I just replaced the standard 'Firefox - Internal Server' entry. In the Web Browser field, either type in the full path to the browser executable (in my case FirefoxPortable.exe), or click 'Browse' and browse to the executable.

That should do it. and now it's doing what I would expect it to.

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