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I have a nusoap response that seems to be working correctly however its not returning the attribute "type" as part of the returned array.

There is another attribute "id" that does come through however. I'm extremely new to Nusoap and SOAP in general and I can't seem to find any information on it.

Here is a snippet of what the XML looks like using a generic SOAP tester:

<image id="C404927" type="icon_image_off">

Here is a snippet of the returned array

array(2) {
        string(58) "http://xml.catmms.com/servlet/ImageServlet?imageId=C404927"
        string(7) "C404927"

PHP is 5.2.6, nusoap is 1.123 (taken from top of nusoap.php)

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I don't know Nusoap well, however if you get back an array, it's probably that the type doesn't play any role and therefore is not part of the array. You might want to add the code how you do the SOAP request to have a bit more context in your question. –  hakre Jun 23 '13 at 10:05

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