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I'm trying to write a function, that shall send some message to the server. Sending the message works quite fine, neverthless I'm not able to load the message from standard input with spaces...So when I type "Hello world!", then I get as an output this:


I'm quite new to C++ and this behavior is quite surprising to me. Would anybody explain me, why is this so, and how to fix it?

void * Client::sendMessage(void *threadid) {
    string message;
    const char * c;
    char buffer[200];
    int fd = (long) threadid;
    while (true) {
        cin >> message;
        if (message == "exit") {
        c = message.c_str();
        strncpy(buffer, c, sizeof ( buffer));       
        send(fd, buffer, strlen(buffer), 0);
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cin >> message stops reading at whitespace. – chris May 30 '13 at 22:28
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cin input is space delimited. If you wish to input the whole line, use something like

getline (cin,message);
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cin breaks string input by spaces. You'd likely prefer to either input into a byte buffer or use std::getline to break by line breaks.

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