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I'm trying to upload some data to my Oracle 11g database using the ROracle package (1.1-10) in 64bit R3.0.0 on Windows 7 64-bit.

The ROracle help for dbWriteTable states:

Date and POSIXct map to Oracle DATE ROracle - the ROracle package R - the R application POSIXct - the POSIXct class TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE

Yet when I run this R code...

df <- data.frame(a = as.Date(c("2012-01-01","2013-02-07")), b = c("one","two"))

drv <- dbDriver("Oracle")
myconn <- dbConnect(drv, "XXXXX", "XXXXX", "XXXXX")

dbWriteTable(myconn, "MY_TABLE", overwrite = TRUE)

It produces a table in Oracle like so...

enter image description here

Anyone know what gives? Am I reading the help docs wrong?

I've written a function that converts those to DATE in Oracle using the alter table syntax, but I'd much rather not have to...

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After speaking with the package maintainer, this looks like a bug, and they're hoping to fix it in the next release (which will be 1.1-11)

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