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Built a sub-query, but getting an unknown column in on clause.

SELECT COUNT(FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS.Phy_PLN_CD), SUM(FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE.X12_Cost_High), 
AVG_WITHIN_Fac-SUM(FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE.X12_Cost_Ave) FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE 
FROM FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE, FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS
GROUP BY FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS.TC_Code, FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS.Phy_PROV_NO
) a ON
AND FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS.TC_Code=FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE.TC_Code;

Getting error- Error Code: 1054. Unknown column 'FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE.Phy_PROV_NO' in 'on clause'. I have changed it to a.Phy_PROV_NO', but get the same error.

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Phy_PROV_NO isn't a column in your sub-select, so it cannot be used to JOIN with. Also, using aliases for your tables would make this easier to read. – Adam Wenger May 31 '13 at 0:38
THanks- will work on the alias. Tried a quick fix of just putting at Select *, .... in the sub- but then get a duplicate column error. – mpg May 31 '13 at 0:46
Your SELECT * brings all columns from both tables in your FROM - Both tables have at least one column in common. Also, it is better practice to use proper JOIN syntax instead of the older FROM table,table2 that you currently have. – Adam Wenger May 31 '13 at 0:52
The subquery doesn't have a join condition, do you really want a full cross-product between the two tables? – Barmar May 31 '13 at 0:52
I think I do- here was my original question that got me to build the subquery to begin with. I gave a little more simple example than reality.… – mpg May 31 '13 at 0:56
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I suspect this is what you actually want:

SELECT allc.TC_Code, allc.Phy_PROV_NO,
       COUNT(allc.Phy_PLN_CD), SUM(bcare.X12_Cost_High), 
FROM FINAL_MOP_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE bcare
JOIN FINAL_Professional_SP_2013_BCARE_AllCOUNTS allc
ON allc.Phy_PROV_NO = bcare.Phy_PROV_NO AND allc.TC_Code = bcare.TC_Code
GROUP BY allc.TC_Code, allc.Phy_PROV_NO

You had your join condition for the subquery outside the subquery.

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