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I am trying to use New Relic's .NET Agent in my Web API but all requests are being shown as System.Web.Http.WebHost.HttpControllerHandler, which is exactly what the docs known issues section says

MVC 4 (Note: New Relic provides limited support for the ASP .NET Web API for MVC4. All Web API transactions will appear as HttpControllerHandler, not as the name of the web API controller.)

I am looking for any workaround that results in a more human readable dashboard, Is there any configuration in my app or IIS that I could change to have a more meaningful metric in my dashboard? Or is there a way of implementing the API calls in order to change this behavior?

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NewRelic has released an update to the .NET Agent which should solve your problem.

See: https://newrelic.com/docs/releases/dotnet. "Improved WebAPI support. You should now see Web Transactions grouped by [controller].[action] rather than all WebAPI transactions reporting as System.Web.Http.WebHost.HttpControllerHandler."

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you may get some better results by setting transaction names via the API. But, until New Relic improves overall support for ASP.NET Web API, there isn't a way to arbitrarily stuff things into web transactions.

https://newrelic.com/docs/dotnet/the-net-agent-api SetTransactionName()

Also, if you specify certain methods to trace, when things are slow and a transaction trace gets generated, you'll see these custom method tracers appear in the trace details tree view.


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