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I'm looking for an efficient way to perform a large (say 100) number of find-and-replace operations across multiple files. By find-and-replace, I mean a simple substitution (e.g. in sed or vim syntax, that would s/cow/pig AND s/fish/bird AND s/cat/dog ... all of these, for all matched files).

Maybe sed is the best choice, but I want to leave it open-ended as I suspect there could be more efficient solutions.

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The question is a little vague and there would be many ways to do it. For multiple substitution across several files, you can use sed in loop.

The following approach would require two set of files. Files containing words that needs to be substituted and a file containing their replacement in order.

You can read the file and perform sed operation. Something like this:

while read -r substitute && read -r replacement <&3; do
  sed -i "s/ "$substitute" / "$replacement" /g" *.txt
done <substitute.text 3<replacement.text

Notice the *.txt thats a glob to pass multiple files. Also, there is -i option passed to sed which does in-file substitution. I wouldn't recommend it if you are toying with different approaches. You can use -i"bak" to make backups of original files.

Like I said earlier, this is just a suggestion to get the ball rolling.

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Thanks. If the question's vague, it's because I'm looking for the most efficient solution, as it can lead to order-of-magnitude improvements, ie hours to minutes. – mahemoff May 31 '13 at 3:21
@mahemoff Sure, I agree. :) – jaypal singh May 31 '13 at 3:24

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