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Here is the example given in py2neo document:

batch = WriteBatch(graph_db)
batch.create(rel(0, "KNOWS", 1))
results = batch.submit()

How can the py2neo know the id of the created node 'Alice' and node 'Bob' is 0 and 1 so that it can create the relationship between the two nodes? When I try a similar example, I find that the 0 and 1 are not the ids of nodes, so 0 means the first created node in the batch job? I read the source code and can not make sure about that.

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As you correctly assert, the 0 and 1 refer to the index numbers of the items within the batch job, not the absolute node IDs. This feature has been built in this way as it is a layer atop the REST batch interface which uses a similar notation:


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