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Is it possible to create a any function in mongoDB to create a new DB by staying inside another DB . by using any commands like USE,CONNECT) If so please provide me the link or suggest any answer

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I think you don't need to explicitly create a database. You can use it right away.

>use newdb
// insert a new document into a collection

>show collections

>show dbs
 local  (empty)
 newdb  0.203125GB
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Actually . im trying to create another Db by staying inside a another DB. say for ex. im in metadb and im using the below function stored in mongoDb{_id: "try" , value : function () { db1 = connect("localhost/myDatabase");{x: "a"}); } } }); and accessing through node js. using Eval .. but im unable to create a Db . Y so node js code var mongoose = mongoose.connect('localhost','metadb'); var db = mongoose.connection; mongoose.connection.on('open', function () { mongoose.connection.db.eval("function({try})" , function (err, retval) { }); }); – user2400481 May 31 '13 at 5:44

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