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I want to get a list of files and preferably uncompressed file size via winrar command line. How do i do this? and how do i do this with a password? From the doc it looks like i use -pPASSWORD

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Winrar comes with Rar.exe command-line tool. You could use it in the following format:

Rar.exe l -pPASSWORD archive.rar

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Great :D I had no idea what that meant in the documentation. But i know this could be done! :) –  acidzombie24 Nov 6 '09 at 3:01

the commands l (lower L) and lb (LB) are available in rar.exe and unrar.exe (but not in Winrar.exe)

the command l lists a lot of other informations beside the filename (compression-rate, date, ...) if you just need the filenames then use lb instead of l:

unrar.exe lb -pPASSWORD archive.rar >files.txt
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