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first i want to make clear i know about proxy servers, VPN and all that stuff. My question is not about hiding my actual IP, i know how to do that. This is what i want to do: if you happen to own any PHP board such as invision or any other you surely know you can see your users IP on every post they make. Well, what i want to do is that when i post, no IP is shown AT ALL. That means no proxy IP or VPN IP or whatsoever. Is it possible? Im pretty much certain its not, but i would like to hear it from an expert just to make sure.

Thank you.

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It is impossible to hide IP address because the server need to know where to return your network packets for communication purpose.

You can use a proxy server such as http://www.locaproxy.com to hide your IP address from server. The server will only know that your IP address is from a proxy server. It is up to the proxy server to route the network packets back to you.

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Technically, it's not possible to hide your IP at all as that is how the server knows how to respond to you. Your IP is an address on the internet, without giving the correct IP address to the server it will have no way to send you information, like the webpage itself.

If you own this server and have access to modify the code it would be possible to change how the i.p. display code works. You could change the template to not show the ip if the user posting was your username. This would require knowledge of PHP, the application, and have access to modify the PHP files.

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Thank you for your answers. Its a pity, because the thing is that i need a completely different IP address every one second in order to post comments onto a board, which will force me to use thousands of proxies in a single session. Thats really out of the question so i thought that if i show no IP at all the server would have no way to know wheter or not im using the same IP for every comment i post. –  Cain Nuke Jun 1 '13 at 7:30

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