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How to set bitrate of vp8encoder filter in directshow application (c++ code). my graph looks like this.

Webcam --->Webm VP8 encoder -->AVI mux --->file writer(.avi)

I'm able to set bitrate in graphedit by right clicking vp8encoder->properties. But i want to set bitrate using c++ code in directshow application. I'm new to directshow please provide sample code . Thanks in advance

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Beginning of the Question – Roman R. May 31 '13 at 14:15

The subject suggests that you already have IVP8Encoder interface on hands (which also goes in line with the fact that you do have IDL files and their derivatives).

IVP8Encoder::SetTargetBitrate is the method that does the thing.

//Target data rate
//Target bandwidth to use for this stream, in kilobits per second.
//The value 0 means "use the codec default".

HRESULT SetTargetBitrate([in] int Bitrate);
HRESULT GetTargetBitrate([out] int* pBitrate);
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