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I have an open terminal in ubuntu lucid in which I need a new env variable set.So,I open the .bashrc file and edit it ,to add the new env variable( say PYTHONPATH)



But,in order to get this effective ,I need to close my terminal and open it again.Is there some command with which I can get this effect,without close/open the terminal again.

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Take a look at the source command: man source

source ~/.bashrc

Apart from that: why don't you simply use the environment commands directly in your shell to set an additional environment variable?

export PYTHONPATH="/some/path"

That way the created variable is effective right away.

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thanks @arkascha ,learned something good today.. you are right .it can be done in both ways –  damon May 31 '13 at 6:25

You can also try,

sat:~# . ~/.bashrc 
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