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I have one section of a table which will display an initial set of comments, and then as new comments are entered and merged into core data, it will display those as well. I could simply tack all the new comments onto the end of the current array using a standard fetch, but I would also like to handle any potential comments that were added in the meantime, and may be mixed into the sort order of the current comments.

I was trying to decide how easiest to do all of this with NSMutableOrderedSet, but really nsfrc already does everything I need, except it works with multiple sections.

Is it wise to try and shoe-horn that in there?

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If you are using Core Data, NSFetchedResultsController should probably be used for all your table views which display core data entities. Even those which are not updating in the background.

In this case you do have things being merged in the background, so NSFetchedResultsController is the logical and correct choice.

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I almost always do, but most of the time it's involving a table that is ENTIRELY core data. When I have a table that is say, half static, or one section is one entity, one is another, is that still a standard use case for NSFRC or no? That's my main question. –  Bob Spryn May 31 '13 at 6:29
I don't see a problem with doing that. As long as you hook everything together correctly, it's fine to source one section from an NSFRC and another from static data. –  Mike Weller May 31 '13 at 7:14

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