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Is there some way of creating a kml file from a 2d list? I'm using simplekml and trying to follow this tutorial but I keep getting an attribute error during conversion. Does the list need to be written to a csv first and read it in? Also, does the list need a header file or do the labels the first line in the for loop...

for f, i, lat, lon, n, in the2DList:

refer to the 'columns', not the actual names in the header? There's not info found by searching... hope someone can help

Edit: example of list I have...

l= [['name_01','f_01_','010','-21.21','120.21', 0.9, 1.0],[name02',f_02','050',
'-21.55', 1.0,1.0][....]]

I'd like to include all items except first. As you can see there are also floats..

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By 2D list I assume you mean a list that only contains the latitude and longitude values, not geocoding information?

In that case, why not

for lat, lon in list:
    pnt = kml.newpoint ()

However, this is based on an assumption - please provide more information.

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..sure, edited OP –  user2395759 May 31 '13 at 7:53

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