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I'd like to be able to distribute some UIC files along with other resources for a python script bundled into a zip file. I've been unable to find a method of loading the UIC files directly from a zip - I could of course unzip them into a temp directory or somesuch, but things would be neater and more self-contained if that were not needed. Has anybody got a trick for this? Google is not my friend on this one:

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I recommend pyinstaller ... it allows you to not only compile the python file into an exe, but it also allows you to package extras. You have 2 choices for compilation.

  1. one-directory
  2. one-file

The one-file creates a stand alone exe and the one-directory builds the exe with a directory of components.

I use qtdesigner to create a qrc resource file which contains resources my ui needs and pyinstaller to build my distributable exe. I like to use autohotkey to create an installer for my python apps as well.

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I wonder you are looking for a virtual(or wrapped) filesystem layer that encapsulates underlying physical storage system, ex zip? If that makes sense to your task, try pyfilesystem.


from fs.zipfs import ZipFS
projects_fs = ZipFS('source.zip')
uic = projects_fs.open('uic/ooxx.uic')
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