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msysGit comes with an explorer shell extension showing Git Bash Here in the context menu of a folder which opens a Bash prompt in the selected folder.

How can I use Zsh instead of Bash as the shell for this command window?

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I'm reasonably sure you can't. msysgit gives a "Unix-like shell". I don't think it's a full implementation of bash. What problem are you trying to solve with zsh on Windows? If you're after a full shell, you can use bash/zsh in Cygwin, giving an (almost) full POSIX environment in Windows. Re-reading your question: are you after a way to open a zsh-based command window in the current directory from Windows Explorer using a mouse shortcut? – simont Jun 1 '13 at 14:56
I guess yes, cygwin provides a good POSIX environment, except that I am under the impression, that msysGit performs much better than cygwin's git and one cannot use msysGit from cygwin due the the way consoles are treated. – Micha Wiedenmann Jun 1 '13 at 21:10

MsysGit does not support other shells than the built-in Bash.

You may consider using Cygwin - if you can't live without Zsh (i understand you) - which also provides a git-package.

Unfortunately this package is pretty old (v1.7.9 is from Jan '12) which may cause problems in the interaction with newer repositories.

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The built-in bash that Msysgit provides is built on top of cmd.exe. That makes it terrible, compared to e.g. xterm. (clipboard, text input/output, history etc)

The workaround I'm currently using when on Windows is I use the latest MSysGit + Cygwin mintty with bash. That gives me a decent shell with a recent and fast git. With that approach you can use other shells, like zsh. Beware that the tradeoffs include git not being able to use your PAGER (I had to alias things like "git log" to "git log|less").

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