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I am trying to create simple client side certificate and for that I following below link...

How to create client certificate

I have installed SDK on machine, and I have successfully run below two commands.

makecert.exe -r -n "CN=My Personal CA" -pe -sv MyPersonalCA.pvk -a sha1 -len 2048 -b 01/21/2010 -e 01/21/2016 -cy authority MyPersonalCA.cer

makecert.exe -iv MyPersonalCA.pvk -ic MyPersonalCA.cer -n "CN=John Doe" -pe -sv JohnDoe.pvk -a sha1 -len 2048 -b 01/21/2010 -e 01/21/2016 -sky exchange JohnDoe.cer -eku

After running these two commands successfully , When I try to run the third comman I get the error "File Not Found" (Error Code = 0x80070002).

Third command is

pvk2pfx.exe -pvk JohnDoe.pvk -spc JohnDoe.cer -pfx JohnDoe.pfx -po password 

Whats the issue ?

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