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I've always used RestSharp to handle async requests on Windows Phone 7 & 7.8 applications, but today, I was trying to add RestSharp to a Windows Phone 8 application and it wouldn't work. This is the error received:

Install-Package: Unable to install the package "RestSharp 104.1". You are attempting to install this package to a will "WindowsPhone, Version = v8.0" as the target of the project, but this package does not contain any compatible with the framework assembly references

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I got HTTP requests working by using a Portable HttpClient for .NET Framework and Windows Phone

The last version of it was published on 2/18/2013 and it can be included in the project using the NuGet package manager.

You can find details at the following link:


Having installed it

using System.Net.Http;

is now recognized.

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