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I have a div which slides in when u hover elements with a particular ID. I use jQuery for sliding in.
I have a search feature which populates a list with elements that are searched for by an ajax call(raw ajax call, not using jQuery) to a php file which then searches the database and populates the list.

The problem is I want to slide in the div when the list element in the auto suggest list is clicked. I thought this could be done by a simple addition of the same id name so that jQuery picks up that and slides the div in. But that doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions would help.

The main problem is that jQuery doesn't pick up the id of the element that is in the list being populated via the ajax call.

Jquery code :

    $('.mirror').stop().animate({width:"1109px", opacity: 1 ,  margin: "0 235px 
      0 0"}, 100, function() {
    $('.mirror_content').fadeOut('slow', function() {
        $('.mirror').stop().animate({width : "0",opacity : 0.1},100);
    $('.mirror_content').fadeOut('slow', function(){
        $('.mirror').stop().animate({width : "0",opcaity : 0.1},100);
$('#close').bind('mouseenter', function() {
    $('.mirror').stop().animate({opacity: 0.4} , 400);
}).bind('mouseleave', function(){
    $('.mirror').stop().animate({opacity : 1},400);

    if ($('.mirror').has(e.target).length === 0){
        $('.mirror_content').fadeOut('slow', function(){
            $('.mirror').stop().animate({width:"0", opacity : 0.1},        
    $(window).keyup(function(event) {
     if(event.which === 27) {
        $('.mirror_content').fadeOut('slow', function() { 
            $('.mirror').stop().animate({width:"0", opacity:0.1}, 100);



php code which populates the auto suggest :

  <a href="#" id = "mir_way" style = "text-decoration : none;">
  <li class = "search_item">
  <span class = "search_name"><?php echo $firstname.'&nbsp;'.$lastname.'<br>'; ?></span>
  <span class = "sec_line"><?php echo $gender; ?></span>
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Show us some code –  Kamil T May 31 '13 at 8:25
@KamilT: I have updated the post with code... –  1_0 May 31 '13 at 8:39
Can you add more html/code. I see you have a click event for "#close" but where is the jquery event that clicks on your list and gets the id of the selected element then calls your list to slide in? Maybe add some comments to your code –  jjay225 May 31 '13 at 9:11

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