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I'm facing the problem, that I want to validate my form against empty inputs. This works as following:

mandatoryValues = new Array();


jQuery('#eventAddForm').submit(function() {

    var error;

    for(var i=0; i<mandatoryValues.length; i++) {

        if (jQuery(mandatoryValues[i] + '_field').val() == "") {
            jQuery(mandatoryValues[i] + '_label').addClass('error');
            error = true;
        } else {
            jQuery(mandatoryValues[i] + '_label').removeClass('error');


    if (error !== true) {
        return true;

    return false;


When no error appears (error is NOT true), the form should be submitted. The only thing that happens is, that I got "too much recursion" in console.

How to avoid that?

Thanks in advance.

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My mistake - sorry. I had a onsubmit="return:false;" in the form-tag, why ever. So I don't need that and I don't need the second .submit().

Thanks anyway for no comments ;p

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