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I would like to graft a merge changeset:

$ hg graft -UD --log -r 1909
skipping ungraftable merge revision 1909

My workaround is:

 hg export -r 1909 | hg import - 
 hg commit -m"$(hg log -r 1909 --template 'grafted {node}')"

Is there a reason that grafting a merge changeset is not supported?

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Merge changesets have two parents and therefore two different ways of looking at what changed. By default if you use hg diff -c <changeset> it will show the diff as compared to the first parent which typically represented the working directory at the time of the merge. If that assumption is wrong, it is an easy way to introduce errors.

That leads to the question of why you are grafting a merge change set and not the original changeset(s) themselves. If there are a series of changesets you want to graft and you are using the merge changeset to "rollup" that series, you can graft the original multiple changes at once: hg graft "1000::1005".

Personally, I typically use hg rebase for tasks such as this, though that requires enabling the rebase extension in your hgrc or mercurial.ini:

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The motivation is that grafting the merge changeset is easier than merging the grafting individual changesets. There are also situations where grafting individual changesets from the second branch is not obvious. In my case rebase is not applicable. The changesets are already public. –  Thomas Jung Jun 3 '13 at 7:07

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