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I'm using PHPMailer for a form with many attachment and now I'm trying to implement getimagesize to validate file format. If the file to be be uploaded is a picture, I want to proceed and send a mail. If it's not an image, I want to not send it. Why does my code don't work? It still sends mail even with renamed .txt to .png (for example) and that's exactly what I want it to block.

This is my code which doesn't seem to do what I want from it. "priloha" is the name attribute of array.

$filesCount = count(array_filter($_FILES['priloha']['name']));
  for ($i = 0; $i < $filesCount; ++$i) {
      $target_path = './' . basename($_FILES['priloha']['name'][$i]); 
      if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['priloha']['tmp_name'][$i], $target_path)) {
        echo "The file ".basename($_FILES['priloha']['name'][$i])." was succesfully uploaded.<br />";
          try {
            $size = getimagesize($_FILES['priloha']['name'][$i]);
            catch (Exception $e) {
              echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("Your attachment is not an image. It will not be send.");</script>'; 

The code runs properly, doesn't report any errors, it just allows an upload of any file. I'm just not sure that I can use this like this, because...

I look at many posts around, in here GetImageSize() not returning FALSE when it should there is a validation function. How would I implement that if I couldn't use my simple code? Here is the code from Baba:

Validate Image

var_dump ( getimagesizeReal ( "fake.png" ) );

function getimagesizeReal($image) {

$imageTypes = array (
$info = getimagesize ( $image );
$width = @$info [0];
$height = @$info [1];
$type = @$info [2];
$attr = @$info [3];
$bits = @$info ['bits'];
$channels = @$info ['channels'];
$mime = @$info ['mime'];

if (! in_array ( $type, $imageTypes )) {
    return false; // Invalid Image Type ;
if ($width <= 1 && $height <= 1) {
    return false; // Invalid Image Size ;

if($bits === 1)
    return false; // One Bit Image .. You don't want that  ;
return $info ; }
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Whether $size is a valid image size, or a FALSE return, you're not doing anything with it to test that value, so what do you expect to happen? A return of FALSE isn't an exception if you were assuming that it would jump into the catch block in that circumstance – Mark Baker May 31 '13 at 9:10
I understand what you mean meaning that I have to use some IF condition that would also block uploading and sending the file when FALSE is returned by $size. How would that look like in the code? I still have problems writing it. My suggestion is: "if ($size) { return false; echo "Sorry wrong file fromat"; }, would that work? – TeeJay May 31 '13 at 9:19
I'd use something like if(!$size)) throw new Exception('Invalid Image File'); which would then trigger your catch block – Mark Baker May 31 '13 at 9:23
Your idea works nice! I have put it right behind the $size and it still sends me faked images, but it tells me. I guess I have to do something more, maybe some condition to $mail->AddAttachment($target_path); ? Could it be just if($size) { $mail->AddAttachment($target_path); }? ... Sorry, my bad, already figured out, I had there the $mail part twice. So thank you for your help very much, I really appreciate that! :) – TeeJay May 31 '13 at 9:29

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