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I am trying to understand using TestFlight crash reports, to begin using it in my projects.

I created a sample app and intentionally wrote crashing code. The target has TestFlight files and app delegate's didFinishLaunchWithOptions has correct app token and code.

After downloaded it from testflight i luanched to let it crash. Went to TestFlight site to see the crash log. It is not there even after giving sufficient amount of time (more than one hour).

Could i missed something?

Can someone help?


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I was very ambitious and let the app to crash on first view's viewDidload itself.

After reading this SO thread, i allowed the app to launch and did crash after a button tap. Now i am able to see the crash. Also in Activity it says session started which was not there when i crashed at viewDidload indicates TestFlight was never get a chance to takeOff.

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When you implement the TestFlight SDK, crash reporting will happen automatically.

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