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how to create this type of array in javascript?? my array structure as below

   "Name":"Main Outlet",
         "company name":"texas LTD.",
         "owner_name":"MR jack",
                "Productid" : "1",
                "Productname" : "samsung"

               "Productid" : "2",
               "Productname" : "nokia"

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The content of the json array is string or from some response?. Please explain more – Dineshkani May 31 '13 at 9:30
And do you mean to access that content in JavaScript? Just parse it and you can access object.Name or[0].company[0].company_id etc... – RemarkLima May 31 '13 at 9:32
You cant use the property Name twice, you have to use unique property names. – user1983983 May 31 '13 at 9:38
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first you cant keep sample key name in object like "Name"

var details = {};
details["Name"] = "Mr. X";
var company = {};
company["company_id"] = "5";
company["owner_name"] = "MR jack";
//company[...] = ...;
var company_product = [];
    var comp_product = {}; 
        comp_product["productid"] = 1;
        comp_product["productname"] = "samsung";
    var comp_product = {}; 
        comp_product["productid"] = 2;
        comp_product["productname"] = "nokia";

company["comp_product"] = comp_product;

details["data"] = company;

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use this site to check the validity of your json and then you can use

JSON.parse('{"Name":"MrX"}') to give you a json object array

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I'm not sure what are you trying to do there (you have only 1 array), but this might be a great help:

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