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It's very strange.

1 problem

If I add this icon declaration to my manifest:

"icons": {
    "16": "images/icon16.png",
    "48": "images/icon48.png",
    "128": "images/icon128.png"

Then, when I add Extension through "Load unpacked extensions ... " it doesn't show logo enter image description here

But if you try to delete it, it does show enter image description here

AND! If I delete "48" line from manifect, it starts showing it right away. Maybe it's because I use Chrome Beta (Version 28.0.1500.20 beta) or maybe because I do something wrong.

Seconds problem

Is about icon on Web Store. I have good 128x128 icon but for some reason in several places it doesn't used in HI-res. Icon is the following: enter image description here

But those looks very bad enter image description here enter image description here

Also on the last screenshot it puts my logo inside Puzzle icon. I saw many other plugins where it doesn't put it like this.

So I guess my question is following: What icon sized should I provide to have it looks nice in all places?

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  1. Close the chrome://extensions/ tab, and re-open it. This may fix the issue (I've experienced this bug a couple of times)
  2. On the details page, only icons of apps are fully shown. All extensions are displayed within a puzzle in the Chrome Web Store.

    If you want to get a different picture at the search results, upload a promotional image at the dashboard. See this answer for details.

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I've added 440x280 one, but it still the same in Search result. I guess it takes time. When it become new, I'll mark this question as right =) –  Aleksandr Motsjonov May 31 '13 at 11:12
Important note (though it's spelled out in the linked answer): adding a promo image to the listing triggers a manual review and is not immediately applied. –  Xan Oct 6 '14 at 21:18

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