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I'm building a bootstrap for a github project and would like it to be a simple one-liner. The script requires a password input.

This works and stops the script to wait for an input:

curl -s https://raw.github.com/willfarrell/.vhosts/master/setup.sh -o setup.sh
bash setup.sh

This does not, and just skips over the input request:

curl -s https://raw.github.com/willfarrell/.vhosts/master/setup.sh | bash

setup.sh contains code is something like:

# code before
read -p "Password:" -s password
# code after

Is it possible to have a clean one-liner? If so, how might one do it?


Use three commands instead of piping output.

curl -s https://raw.github.com/willfarrell/.vhosts/master/setup.sh -o vhosts.sh && bash vhosts.sh && rm vhosts.sh

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With the pipe, the read reads from standard input (the pipe), but the shell already read all the standard input so there isn't anything for the read to read.

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Is there a workaround to capture a user input when using pipe? –  will Farrell May 31 '13 at 10:28
If you're sure there is a human there, read from /dev/tty? –  Jonathan Leffler May 31 '13 at 14:06
I'll look into that. thanks. –  will Farrell Jun 2 '13 at 0:50

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