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I am trying to get the comment count for a video entry but this is giving me a count of 1 when there are no comments. Any ideas?

    $commentFeed = $yt->getVideoCommentFeed($videoID);
    if ( count($commentFeed) > 0 )
        foreach ($commentFeed as $commentEntry)
            // print commentEntry
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I'm not familiar with the PHP version of the API (I've only used the Python one) but I am pretty sure your issue is that when you get $commentFeed, it is returning the full comment feed XML. This includes a root element named <feed> with a bunch of <entry> elements.

So, what you should probably be doing is checking to see if entry within $commentFeed is greater than zero or exists.

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The comments count can be accessed by:

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Bartek, To my knowledge the commentFeed from Google only contains the most recent 25 <entry>.

As far as the original question, without knowledge of what the $commentFeed object contains, it's difficult to answer your question. My suggestion would be to print_r($commentFeed) and see what you are dealing with. I believe it will be something more like count($commentFeed->entry)

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