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I need config files for a clojure application I'm building. They should be easy enough for a user to modify in a text editor and convenient for my program to read.

I was thinking about serializing s-expressions and using spit to put it into a config file in the users home directory, but i want to pprint the data i spit so it looks a little more friendly to human eyes.

How can i spit the output of pprint in clojure?

Is my thought process correct on using serialized s-expressions as a config file in clojure?


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you have a couple of options. First, pprint accepts an optional writer as a second parameter or you can spit the result of with-out-str: (spit "f.txt" (with-out-str (pprint ..))

I think serialized s-expressions are a reasonable choice as long as they are treated just as data.

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perfect, works like a charm. thanks for your help. (spit (clojure.java.io/file (System/getProperty "user.home") "/.jdbc/connections" ) (with-out-str (pprint connections) ) ) –  joefromct May 31 '13 at 10:43
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