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I need to get a list of all running PHP scripts but piping my grep through "ls" just gives me a list of all PHP files in my current directory, not the names of the currently running scripts.

How do I accomplish this?

I was able to get the count of currently running PHP scripts

root@myhost:/var/www/cron/jobs# ps -ef | grep *.php | grep -v grep | wc -l

This is kinda what I need:

root@myhost:/var/www/cron/jobs# ps -ef | grep *.php | grep -v grep | ls


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To use the output of a command in the next command after a pipe, use xargs. –  fedorqui May 31 '13 at 11:56
ps offers no way to list "processes running php scripts". Even when you are referring to php cli then only those processes with get mentioned that got a "php script" in their command line call. This is very unreliable. What for example about php scripts not being called *.php? What about scripts being opened with an editor? –  arkascha May 31 '13 at 12:00

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If you get the count with this:

root@myhost:/var/www/cron/jobs# ps -ef | grep *.php | grep -v grep | wc -l


root@myhost:/var/www/cron/jobs# ps -ef | grep *.php | grep -v grep

should just list the scripts running because all that wc -l does is count the output lines, the lines that contain the scripts you're running.

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