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Is it possible to get the public virtual IP (VIP) of an azure service using powershell?

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What do you need it for? –  René Jun 3 '13 at 10:39
I need it because I want to set the cluster IP address using Set-ClusterParameter as in $CloudServiceIP in tutorial msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsazure/dn376546.aspx –  Brian Leeming Oct 7 '13 at 17:55

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One approach would be to use the Get-AzureEndpoint command

Get-AzureVM -Name "thevmname" -ServiceName "theservicename" | Get-AzureEndpoint | select { $_.Vip }
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In my case the server has 4 endpoints so this returns 4 records with identical IPs –  Brian Leeming Oct 7 '13 at 17:53
Do you know how to get the IP for a staging environment in a cloud service? This is only returning the production endpoints. –  TWilly Dec 19 '13 at 18:59
If you want to get IP of both staging and production cloud services, you can use the powershell command in this answer... stackoverflow.com/questions/20690307/… –  TWilly Dec 19 '13 at 23:33

I'm not sure, but I doubt there is an easy way, because it might change (although it rarely does).

Windows Azure provides a friendly DNS name like “blogsmarx.cloudapp.net” or “botomatic.cloudapp.net.” There’s a reason for providing these (other than simply being prettier than an IP address). These are a necessary abstraction layer that lets the Virtual IP addresses (VIPs) underneath change without disrupting your service. It’s rare for the VIP of an application to change, but particularly thinking ahead to geo-location scenarios, it’s important that Windows Azure reserves the right to change the VIP. The friendly DNS entries provide a consistent interface for users to get to your application.

Source: http://blog.smarx.com/posts/custom-domain-names-in-windows-azure

However, if you get the dns name you could do a dns lookup.

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Fortunately that information is out-of-date. VIP will stay in place for nearly every update now, except as noted in this article. –  David Makogon Oct 7 '13 at 22:42

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