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I am writing a string tokenizer in Objective-C for an iPhone application.

I have the result as:


I want to tokenize this string and display each of the values in tabular format. How am I to do it?

I want the result in a tabular format. Like:

102 Y
103 Y
..  ...
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If by “tokenizing” you mean simply “splitting on the pipe-sign”, you can use the componentsSeparatedByString: method of NSString:

 NSString *original = @"1|101|Y|103|Y|105…";
 NSArray *fields = [original componentsSeparatedByString:@"|"];

“Displaying in a tabular format” doesn’t say much. If you want a classic table, see the UITableView class.

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Not sure why you want this specifically in Objective-C (are you looking for a tokenizer class?), but generic strsep() resp. iso-c90 strtok() / strtok_r() do this and they exist on Mac OS X and on iPhone OS. Described here:

These got code quotes as well.

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