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I'm using Tablesorter and currently implementing server-side paging using Ajax. Tablesorter supports sorting on multiple columns and uses the following URL when clicking on the first column:


The above works fine with my (Tablesorter)controller action:

public JsonResult Json(int page, int size, int[] column)

But if I only sort by the second column the following URL is called, which results in column being null. I guess due to a missing zero-index value.


So my question is: Can I somehow model bind the given Tablesorter format using some other type or will I have to rewrite Tablesorter's URL format?

When sorting by multiple columns the format is:

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You can use the customAjaxUrl option to modify the ajax url however you desire.

Maybe using jQuery's $.param() function would help?

ajaxUrl: 'http://example.com/tablesorter/json?page={page}&size={size}',
customAjaxUrl: function(table, url) {
    // sortList = [[1,0], [2,0]]
    var sort = $.param({ column : table.config.sortList });
    // result: "column[0][]=1&column[0][]=0&column[1][]=2&column[1][]=0"
    return url + '&' + sort;

If that format doesn't work, then it might need some server side tweaking?

If you MUST have all columns defined, try this code:

ajaxUrl: 'http://example.com/tablesorter/json?page={page}&size={size}',
customAjaxUrl: function(table, url) {
    var i, v,
    c = table.config,
    s = c.sortList; // sortList = [[1,0], [2,0]]
    for (i = 0; i < c.columns; i++){
        v = 2;
        if ($.tablesorter.isValueInArray(i, s)) {
            $.each(s, function(j){ 
                if (s[j] && s[j][0] === i) {
                    v = s[j][1];
        // 0 = ascending; 1 = descending; 2 = unsorted
        url += '&column[' + i + ']=' + v;
    // result: "&column[0]=2&column[1]=0&column[2]=0&column[3]=2&column[4]=2"
    return url;

If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure what to tell you then since I don't know much about ASP.NET & model binding. You might want to check out this answer as well.

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Hey Mottie. Yes, I read the documentation about customAjaxUrl and was thinking about using it if I couldn't get the standard format to work with ASP.NET MVC's model binding. I've tried using $.param and that changes the format to &column[0][]=1&column[0][]=0 when sorting on the 2nd column only, but I can't figure out how to model bind this format. The problem being (I guess) that the 2nd indice is empty. –  WillyN Jun 2 '13 at 5:31
I'm not sure how much it'll help, but I've updated my answer. –  Mottie Jun 2 '13 at 13:50

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