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I use Vim to open a bibtex file, but I export another bib-file and replace the original one often.

I'd like to reload the Vim buffer automatically to view the new bibtex file.

As far as I know, :view file-name will open a file with read-only mode.
And set autoload makes it load automatically.

How can I set autoload only when a file is opened with read-only permission?
Do I need to use certain au Buffer.. variables?

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I would write a custom :ViewAutoRead command:

:command! -nargs=1 -complete=file ViewAutoRead view <args> | setlocal autoread

You can also combine the setting with the command:

:view +setl\ autoread filename

An :autocmd would be a general solution for any readonly file:

:autocmd BufRead * if &readonly | setlocal autoread | endif
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Thanks for your quick and detailed answer! –  ying17zi May 31 '13 at 14:16

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