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I am working with BIRT report, to generate it in xml formate I am writing emitter(BIRT plugin). I need an xml report which contains some repeated sections on the basis of some section in the same report. I am using subReports for that. So the report strcture is like

    Table---(No header and footer)
             Text(Multiple text here) Some static section and dynamic data
List Details ----
   Table--(No header and footer)(This table will be repeated for every record in the header part)
          Cell --
             Multiple Text elements ()`
List Footer---- Empty

As I am writing the emitter, I need to extract the the content of all the text elements which are in the Cell elements mainly. Now Following is the code in My emitter for sartCell method.

    public void startCell(ICellContent arg0) {
    System.out.println("text in Cell:: ");
    System.out.println("text in Cell:: " + arg0.getInstanceID());

    for(Object ie : arg0.getChildren())
        if(ie instanceof  LabelContent)
            LabelContent lc = (LabelContent)ie;
        else if(ie instanceof ForeignContent)
            ForeignContent fc = (ForeignContent)ie;



I am able to access the Cell and all it's text content with this logic. But I want to do the same thing with all the cells of the Table in Details section of List. The problem is that Cells in the details section are giving null on ICellContent.getChildren().

And yes My startText method is not getting called at all. Following is the declaration of my emmiter,

public class XmlEmittor extends ContentEmitterAdapter {...}

Following is the rptDesign strcture,


In above structure My text element itself is feeled with XML structure I want to generate the report in. So I just want to append all the content of my xml and write it in outputstream. Please suggest, Thanks in advance

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In case of Text elements,

public void startText(ITextContent text) 


public void startData(IDataContent data) throws BirtException

will be called but in case of Dynamic Text element

public void startForeign(IForeignContent foreign) throws BirtException

will be called.

You can use the below code snippet to get the dynamic text value

public void startForeign(IForeignContent foreign) throws BirtException {        
    Object rawValue = foreign.getRawValue();    
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