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I've setup Cobertura successfully to run through Jenkins and generate coverage reports, now I'm stuck on configuring Violations to report results for pep8 tests.

Right now I have it so that I run PEP8 with a batch command and it generate a .txt file that stores all the violations which ends up in the workspace.

Do I have to define batch commands to create an xml file for these violations to send to the Report Violations Post-build action? If so, how would I define that command?

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AFAIK adding the pep8 output file name (inside the workspace) in the row for pep8 in report violations is the only step you need to do to let the results show up in jenkins... –  Vajk Hermecz Jun 17 '13 at 16:36

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As Vajk points out, you do not need an XML file. You can simply pipe the output of the pep8 utility to a file and use that as the violations file in Jenkins.

For example in your Jenkins build configuration under:

Build -> Execute Shell -> Command

you can write:

pep8 path/to/code > pep8_report.txt

And then under:

Post-build Actions -> Report Violations -> pep8 / XML filename pattern



Note that even though the UI asks for an XML file and the file is not an XML file, this worked fine for me on Jenkins version 1.499.

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You can also use flake8 output as pep8 violations. –  razz0 May 26 at 12:22

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