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I'm trying to create a build config file for r.js with uglify2 as optimizer. I want to disable the drop_debugger so the debugger statement does not get removed.

Below is my build.js file, the build process works fine but the debugger statements have been removed.

Is maybe r.js removing these, what am i doing wrong ?

    appDir: ".",
    baseUrl: ".",
    dir: "../app-build",
    paths: {
        'css-builder': 'lib/require/css-builder'
    optimize: "uglify2",
    uglify2: {
        "screw-ie8": true,
        compress: {
            sequences: true,
            dead_code: true,
            drop_debugger: false,

    mainConfigFile: "main.js",
    modules: [
            name: "main",
            include: "signalR"
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