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I have created a console application that has to auto-scale an application hosted in the cloud. The application has been created using information from here and here.

I have no visible errors at run-time, but the application will not autoscale. I think the problem is this: Autoscaling General Warning: 2001 : Roles defined in hosted service with DNS prefix '<app name>' not found in the deployment.

I have the output posted here.

My settings are posted here.

UPDATE 1: I have re-run the application today, and the error was gone(weird). The app was still not autoscaling, so I took Fiddler. Every reposnse was ok(200), except for'WADPerformanceCountersTable') (404 Not found). Any ideas ?

UPDATE 2: I found out why I didn't have the WADPerformanceCountersTable. It is because is didn't create and configure the diagnostics.wadcfg file in the cloud project.

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Is the roleName in your services configuration correct? Matches the role name in you ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file?

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I haven't looked in ServiceConfiguration.csfg. I took the name from the Azure Management website, just like this(…) guide showed. Is there a chance that they are different? Unfortunately I won't be able to check until Monday, when I get back to work. Anyway, I had to deal with a lot of bugs to get this console application to work, so that wouldn't surprise me that much. Thank you! – Dragos Durlut May 31 '13 at 21:08
Hello, yes the roleName is OK. I have updated my question. – Dragos Durlut Jun 3 '13 at 8:38
Hello, as I have said in the update above, the error just disappeared. Very weird. – Dragos Durlut Jun 4 '13 at 7:20

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