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I am unable to set persistent php.ini-style parameters in Quercus 4.0.36.

As an example, the include_path parameter can be set from code, either using ini_set or set_include_path, and the include path is updated. However, none of the documented ways of setting that parameter application-wide seem to work for me.

Any attempts to set an alternate php.ini location, or even php.ini settings directly from web.xml have been unsuccessful.

I've deployed quercus-4.0.36.war and either changed or uncommented the following lines from the original web.inf:

<web-app [...]>

Both phpinfo and get_include_path's outputs are unaltered when setting any of the above parameters.

Is there anything else I should be doing in order to set include_path application- or system-wide?

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This issue has also been reported on Caucho's forums. If that gets any replies, I will update this thread. –  0hex May 31 '13 at 15:38

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It looks like the behaviour was caused by a bug that has been fixed for 4.0.37.

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