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I'm really new to Libgdx engine. I've been trying to make a ball move randomly and bounce of the edges. It took me two days and I couldn't do it. I only have the ball bouncing up and down. There is a lack of documentation for this engine, so it's difficult to learn it. Any help is appreciated.

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I think there is very good documentation for libgdx. Just google it.. steigert.blogspot.ie/2012/02/… is a good tutorial... It uses libgdx 0.9.2 which is a bit old but it will get you started –  joey.enfield Jun 4 '13 at 12:58

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Some pseudocode:

If ball.radius + ball.x >= srceen.width or ball.x - ball.radius <= 0
    ball.velocityx *= -1
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Thanks, but I want actual code. –  Tareq May 31 '13 at 16:46
Without knowing the layout of the rest of the code, the variable names, and so on, that would be almost impossible. Try and implement a system similar to above. –  Triclops200 May 31 '13 at 17:34

you can try this:

    vy = intSpeedY;
    vx = intSpeedX;

    ball.x += vx;
    ball.y += vy;
    if (ball.x + ball.radius > right) {
      ball.x = right - ball.radius;
      vx *= rev;
    } else if (ball.x - ball.radius < left) {
      ball.x = left + ball.radius;
      vx *= rev;
    if (ball.y + ball.radius > bottom) {
      ball.y = bottom - ball.radius;
      vy *= rev;
    } else if (ball.y - ball.radius < top) {
      ball.y = top + ball.radius;
      vy *= rev;

good luck.

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