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I'm working on a Django-nonrel project using Django-rest-framework and I've run into the following error after following the instructions in the Token Authorization section of their Authorization API Guide:

ImportError: No module named rest_framework.authtoken

Normally I would just assume that this is something to do with my PYTHONPATH but I don't think that's exactly what the problem is because I can import this framework from both IDLE and the project's shell run using manage.py, the latter both with and without a virtual environment. Within the virtual environment I have installed django and djangorestframework, which should be the only requiremnets for the project thus far.

I had thought that it might have been a Python versioning problem but given that I can import the package directly from the project's shell (running under the virtual env) I'm kind of at a loss since theoretically running manage.py from the same virtual environment should result in the same context for locating libraries.

I've spent a long time searching around trying to fix this issue but to no avail. Any suggestions? I'm happy to provide any additional information as needed!

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A few things to check:

  1. Are you sure you are using the directory one level above rest_framework in your PYTHONPATH?
  2. Did you restart your shell after installation?
  3. Take a look at VirtualEnv PYTHONPATH setup. Did you try setting the PYTHONPATH for virtualenv explicitly?
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