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I have an application where in the mainWindow(inherited from QMainWindow) creates a childWindow(also inherited from QMainWindow) and when run, both windows are launched with the childWindow masking the mainWindow.

In the mainWindow() constructor I have


On Linux when the mainWindow->titleBar is clicked, the mainWindow is brought to the front whereas on Windows this doesn't seem to work.

To get a consistent behavior across platforms, I added a installEventFilter() and mouseEventHandler to account for left-button mouse events, but again none of methods I used within the mouse event handler helped me achieve the behavior I needed.

void mainWindow::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent* mevent)
  if (Qt::LeftButton == mevent->button())


How can I switch to the mainWindow() when I press(mouse-event) the Title bar? Is there a reason why the behavior is different on Windows and Linux and how I do I make it consistent? I'm using the opensource versions of Qt-4.8.4 for Windows and Linux.

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Have you tried using this function yet?


and I would use this in tandem with QFocusEvent



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