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I'm working on a python app that needs a notification when there's a change in a directory structure; e.g., someone drops a file in a folder or changes a file name. Reading up on Watchdog, it looks like it does just what I need except that I'm working in Python 3.3 and Watchdog doesn't seem to have been updated. Below is the tail end of an error dump from a watchdog sample file.

File "C:\Program Files\Python33\lib\site-packages\watchdog-0.6.0-py3.3.egg\watchdog\utils\bricks.py", line 112, in <module>
  if not sys.version < (2, 6, 0):
TypeError: unorderable types: str() < tuple()

I just tried installing Pyinotify but got an error saying it's not available with Win64. How does one go about receiving notifications with Python 3.3 and Win64?

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Have you tried methods from this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/182197/… –  Maciek Jul 23 '13 at 15:27

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sys.version is a str. You should use tuple and sys.version_info is what you need.

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