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On a Windows 7 system, with a Perl script, I'm invoking iperf (1.7) using back-ticks, with the sequential bidirectional test switch (-r), and collecting the output for analysis:

@result = `iperf -c -r -i1 -t10`;

The iperf server is running on an XP system (iperf -s), a wireless access point (AP) in between, and the above perl code completes successfully and works as expected. The down-link to the XP system runs first, then the up-link to the Win7 system.

To maximize the measured throughput for TCP mode, I need to pass the -w switch to increase the TCP window size. This works fine from a command window:

iperf -c -r -i1 -t10 -w1M

However, when I attempt to pass the -w switch from the perl script:

@result = `iperf -c -r -i1 -t10 -w1M`;

the down-link to the XP system runs successfully, but the up-link terminates with an error. I've tried reordering the switches, but same termination error.

Any ideas on what might be causing the up-link test to terminate when invoked from Perl would be very much appreciated. The iperf results with the default TCP window (8k) are useless.

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does it work on command line with -w? – Сухой27 May 31 '13 at 18:01
2>&1 to get STDERR output? – user846969 Sep 3 '13 at 14:50
Can you share the script? – arka.b Sep 28 at 7:42

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