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On a Windows 7 system, with a Perl script, I'm invoking iperf (1.7) using back-ticks, with the sequential bidirectional test switch (-r), and collecting the output for analysis:

@result = `iperf -c -r -i1 -t10`;

The iperf server is running on an XP system (iperf -s), a wireless AP in between, and the above perl code completes successfully and works as expected. The downlink to the XP system runs first, then the uplink to the Win7 system.

To maximimze the measured throughput for TCP mode, I need to pass the -w switch to increase the TCP window size. This works fine from a command window:

iperf -c -r -i1 -t10 -w1M

However, when I attempt to pass the -w switch from the perl script:

@result = `iperf -c -r -i1 -t10 -w1M`;

the donwlink to the XP system runs successfully, but the uplink terminates with an error. I've tried reordering the switches, but same termination error.

Any ideas on what might be causing the uplink test to terminate when invoked from Perl would be very much appreciated. The iperf results with the default TCP window (8k) are useless.

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does it work on command line with -w? –  Сухой27 May 31 '13 at 18:01
2>&1 to get STDERR output? –  user846969 Sep 3 '13 at 14:50

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