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I am using the following syntax to comment my code,

 * @param variableName {variableType} Description
 * @return {returnType} Description

But I now don't know how to comment my code for a constructor of one of my objects as the parameter is an object and that object's dictionary key is a param in itself as well as the value of that key.

My structure for the parameter is like below;

assets: {

    fruits: {

        rootPath: "files/fruits/",

        images: {

            apple: "apple.png",
            kiwi: "kiwi.png",
            orange: "orange.png",
            peach: "peach.png",
            pear: "pear.png",
            strawberry: "strawberry.png",
            watermelon: "watermelon.png"
    humans: {

        audio: {

            atari: "http://www.universal-soundbank.com/mp3/sounds/18534.mp3"

I have started by commenting that assets is an object

@param assets {Object}

But how do I then go on to comment that the properties of assets is a value in itself. I understand this question may be a little off topic but I just want to make sure that my code comments conform to some kind of syntax rule and I haven't been able to find anything on this matter.

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Are you using JSDoc? –  Sethen Maleno May 31 '13 at 17:57
I don't know what JSDoc is, I have kinda made this pattern up. –  user2251919 May 31 '13 at 17:58

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Most informative is to enumerate all object properties as separate parameters. [Bracket] optional properties, e.g:

 * @param {Object} assets Description
 * @param {Object} assets.fruits Description
 * @param {Object} assets.fruits.rootPath Description
 * @param {Object} assets.fruits.images Description
 * @param {Object} [assets.humans] Description

See "Parameters with Properties" from JSDoc. Also How to describe "object" arguments in jsdoc?.

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Take a look at JSDoc. This is what you're looking for, I believe. I use this in my projects and it follows closely to the same pattern as what you're using. Except it has a tool that will generate documentation for you.


Here's the actual documentation:


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The comment syntax that you are using looks a lot like JSDoc

Pretty sure, the typedef tag looks appropriate.

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