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We are creating a wordpress-based project, but we came to an issue where we need to add two or more native wordpress galleries (to keep the fancybox plugin viewing). So is there a plugin/way how to add more native galleries into one wordpress page?

PS: We tried nextgen, but then the large view opens 2 times 1time fancybox 1time nextgen gallery ... So theoreticly it would be enaugh to turn off the nextgen viewing, but keep the nextgen gallery generation but the question is how?

PS2: We found a half-solution - you can add two [shortcodes] with image ids like but this way you can click through to all these galleries - but our goal is two click through only in each gallery itself.

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I found the solution it IS coding, but just a little ;-) :

  1. make a specific CSS class e.g. .mySuperGallery01
  2. into your page, insert a gallery shortcode e.g.
    [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="332,330,331"]
    that list of ids are ids of images uploaded through the media...
  3. wrap the gallery shortcode with your e.g. div class like this:

    <div class="mySuperGallery01">[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="332,330,331"]</div>

  4. For every shortcoded gallery wordpress will create an id #gallery-X where X is the order-number of your gallery on your page (#gallery-1, #gallery-2, #gallery-3,...)

  5. Now go to settings => Fancybox for WP => Extra Calls
  6. check that the "Additional FancyBox Calls" option is checked (turned-on)
  7. Link through jquery to the galleries and add a groupNUMBER to each link but a different one for every next gallery by putting this into the textarea:
    $('.smallerGallery01 #gallery-X a').attr('rel','groupNUMBER');
    one gallery = one piece of this code... just change the X and a NUMBER to the same value for every gallery example:
    $('.smallerGallery01 #gallery-1 a').attr('rel','group1');
    $('.smallerGallery02 #gallery-2 a').attr('rel','group2');
  8. Last thing you need to do is to actually "play" the fancybox on your class by inserting e.g. this code to the textarea:
jQuery(".smallerGallery01 a").fancybox({
    'cyclic': false,
    'autoScale': true,
    'padding': 10,
    'opacity': true,
    'speedIn': 500,
    'speedOut': 500,
    'changeSpeed': 300,
    'overlayShow': true,
    'overlayOpacity': "0.3",
    'overlayColor': "#666666",
    'titleShow': true,
    'titlePosition': 'inside',
    'enableEscapeButton': true,
    'showCloseButton': true,
    'showNavArrows': true,
    'hideOnOverlayClick': true,
    'hideOnContentClick': false,
    'width': 560,
    'height': 340,
    'transitionIn': "fade",
    'transitionOut': "fade",
    'centerOnScroll': true


9)Dummy entry: Of course you have to click the save changes button ;-)

NOTE: I recommend you to go step by step especially through the jQuery settings

ADVANTAGE: Since you have a specific class, you can also make specific styles just for your new-style gallery :)

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