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I am trying to establish BIS Socket connection. I am able to establish BIS Http connection from my service provider.

I have downloaded one chat application that checks network types supported by my device/service plan which has following list:

1)BIS-Http : OK

As I know direct TCP is not supported by my service provider. So I would like to use BIS-Socket connection.

Can anypne please help me in achieving this type of connectivity?

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Use of BIS-B connectivity is available to members of the Blackberry Developer Alliance program. Not being a member I can't tell you if if supports random socket connection or not.

Normal BIS access available through the API supports web protocols and is not a TCP/IP protocol between the Blackberry and the BIS. Hence the deviceSide= parameter in the connection stream. DeviceSide=true the Blackberry uses an internal TCP stack to establish a connection through direct access to the wireless carrier's access point (APN). DeviceSide=false (the default) the Blackberry sends the necessary data to the BIS (or BES) MDS server using a presumably proprietary protocol. The MDS server then establishes the TCP connection on behalf of the Blackberry.

If direct TCP is not available to you, and you can't use BIS-B, you will have to carry your data on top of an http connection. In most cases this is straight forward and works quite well.

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Thanks Richard, I think I wont be able to establish TCP connection with BIS without Alliance program membership.I need to work with Bis-http only at this point of time.Thanks again. –  iOSDev Nov 7 '09 at 4:15
What do you mean by using Bis-http? I have an http connection and I want to assign to it BIS parameters and I have the same problem here. How can a Bis-http solve this? I doubt ... –  Farid Farhat Sep 21 '11 at 22:02
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To use BIS you need pay $2000. Have you done that? how you know you're using BIS?

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