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I'm writing a Jenkins plugin which integrate with a service. And this web service requires OAuth2 for authentication!

I have the following code in my Jenkins Plugin:

public FormValidation doRunAuth(
        @QueryParameter final String apiSecret,
        @QueryParameter final String apiKey,
        @QueryParameter final String callbackUrl) {
    // Construct the URL
    // sendToBrowser(url);
    // Token accessToken = sendToBrowser(url);
    if (accessToken) {
        return FormValidation.ok("Successfully connected via OAuth2");
    } else {
        return FormValidation.error("Fail to authenticate using OAuth2");

Now I will need to send all the OAuth2 information to a new link in a browser, so user can click on it, and proceed with the OAuth2 authentication until this plugin gets the Access Token back for further operation.

Is there a way in FormValidation that opens a new browser that does it as part of the Jenkins plugin?

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