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I'm completely new to Selenium but I'm aware it's capable of taking browser screenshots. Though, I was wondering if it's able to take screenshots of multiple browsers, specifically chrome, firefox and IE.


PS: I'm working with c#

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Run each browser via webdriver with Selenium and take a shot of each? –  emd May 31 '13 at 18:40

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While it is possible to take screenshots with Selenium for multiple browsers, there are some things that you might want to consider before choosing it as your implementation:

  1. As emd mentioned, you will need to create a driver for each type of browser that you wish to take screenshots of as each has a different (internal) implementation for taking screenshots,
  2. Currently the ChromeDriver is not capable of taking a full-screen screenshot (it will only take a screenshot of the current viewport, see here for more details),
  3. Selenium is unable to take screenshots when a dialog box is present. If you are trying to take a screenshot of an unexpected dialog, this can be quite annoying.

As an alternative, you could implement a generic screenshot method in .Net. Have a look into Graphics.CopyFromScreen() method from System.Drawing. This implementation will be browser independent. See here for more details, or Google search some examples of its use for full screen screenshots =]

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