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I have uploaded videos but when I see them in list, I would like to see a snapshot or clip of the video. Is there a way to display a list videos like this?

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You can use ffmpeg to generate images from a video.

You'll find here a tutorial allowing you to use Paperclip to upload a video and FFMpeg to make a thumbnail out of it.

In that tutorial, what's interesting for making the thumbnail is the make method.
Which generates a ffmpeg command and executes it.

You'll find informations about that command alone here.

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Just a quick word of warning about using FFMPEG, from my understanding, although its free software its licensed under the LGPL or GPL which means you have to open source your code. –  Josh K Nov 6 '09 at 10:26
Correct me if wrong: It is not the case. If the code of FFMPEG is used to create some other software, then it will have to be GPLed. I am using RoR to develop an application. RoR is MIT that does not mean I will have to open source the code of my application. –  Waseem Nov 6 '09 at 11:58
@Josh K, you can use the result of FFMPEG execution (the converted video) in your application without any restrictions. It is explicitly stated so in GPL. LGPL is even less restrictive than GPL. –  Pavel Shved Feb 2 '10 at 14:42

When you upload videos & images with Paperclip, it uses a processor to create different variations of the file

The processor depends on the type of file, and will typically be imagemagick if you're working with images, and ffmpeg if you're working with video

The way this works is that Paperclip will handle the file upload, and then send to the various processor to change. That's how you can generate the thumbnails with imagemagick, or the video thumbnail with ffmpeg


FFMpeg will be the best way to create a video thumbnail, and you can actually put it to work by installing the paperclip-ffmpeg gem

Here is some live code showing how this works (you basically just have to call the :ffmpeg processor:

 has_attached_file :attachment,
                styles:          lambda { |a| a.instance.is_image? ? {:small => "x200>", :medium => "x300>", :large => "x400>"}  : {:thumb => { :geometry => "100x100#", :format => 'jpg', :time => 10}, :medium => { :geometry => "300x300#", :format => 'jpg', :time => 10}}},
                :processors => lambda { |a| a.is_video? ? [ :ffmpeg ] : [ :thumbnail ] }

    def is_video?
            attachment.instance.attachment_content_type =~ %r(video)

    def is_image?
            attachment.instance.attachment_content_type =~ %r(image)

If you need some more help with this (obviously the question was a long time ago), please let me know!

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